• Repeat Prescriptions
    • Ashworths Pharmacy can dispense both NHS and Private prescriptions. In addition, we also offer a repeat prescription service to enable our customers to order and collect their regularly prescribed medicines directly from Ashworths Pharmacy.
    • The repeat prescription will be ordered and dispensed so the medicines would be ready for you to pick up at your convenience. Please contact 01895632101 to register for this service.
    • We encourage all our patients who have regular medication to use this service as it is a great help to those customers with busy lifestyles. Ashworths pharmacy can also arrange for a FREE DELIVERY to your home address.


  • Electronic Prescription Service
    • This NEW service is now available at Ashworths pharmacy. Please contact 01895632101 to find out more. 
    • Benefits of EPS:
      • If you collect repeat prescriptions you will not have to visit your GP practice just to pick up your paper prescription. Instead, your GP will send the prescription electronically to the place you choose, saving you time.
      • The prescription is an electronic message so there is no paper prescription to lose.
      • You will have more choice about where to get your medicines from because they can be collected from a pharmacy near to where you live, work or shop.
      • If the prescription needs to be cancelled the GP can electronically cancel and issue a new prescription without you having to return to the practice – saving you extra trips.
      • You may not have to wait as long at the pharmacy as your repeat prescriptions can be made ready before you arrive.


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