Microsclerotherapy is an effective treatment for Thread or Spider Veins in the legs. It involves using an agent known as a sclerosant such as Fibrovein that is injected into the vein. This will effectively and safely cause these small often purple veins to be damaged sufficiently to become fibrotic and therefore obliterate the vein.


Dr Shamoon who is a working GP and Aesthetics Doctor is fully qualified and insured to perform Microsclerotherapy having been trained to do so by a vascular surgeon.


 Client selection is an important step and therefore a free consultation is recommended. 


A suitable client has:

- Uncomplicated leg thread veins

- Purely seeking treatment for cosmetic reasons

- No associated symptoms or secondary skin changes

- No untreated varicose veins

- No history of DVT / PE or hypercoagulable state (e.g. blood disorder, cancer)


Please note due to high risk of ulceration, thread or spider veins near the ankles are not recommended for treatment with microsclerotherapy. 


Aftercare is crucially important:

- Compression hosiery strongly improves treatment outcomes with microsclerotherapy and therefore it is recommended that it is worn for 7 days after treatment. Compression hosiery will be supplied to you on your first treatment.

- Avoid sun exposure for 6 weeks after treatment.

- Mild exercise twice a day for one week after treatment is recommended.

- Often 3-6 treatment sessions may be required.


Prices for first treatment session £250 including hosiery and subsequent treatments at £200 per session. 


To book a free consultation with Dr Shamoon, please call or visit Ashworths Pharmacy. 



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